Mugabe must go

Surely somewhere someone with enough political clout and a conscience must think to himself: “The longer we let that scoundrel govern the country, the more the damage and the longer it will take to return to normality.” With all the recorded world history, we must be able to use the lessons learnt to deal with this situation, to avoid further tragedy.

I think Robert Mugabe deserves some amount of respect, for he has done a lot for Zim. I do believe that he is (was?) a very intelligent person.

It is a shame that the people of Zimbabwe are so scared of conflict and so paranoid about the rampant cruelty of this monster that they are not willing to stand up nor speak up against his authoritarian dictatorship, which is destroying a country and its people.

Shame on Thabo Mbeki. Shame on Festus Mogae. Shame on Armando Guebuza. Shame on Patrick Mwanawasa. It is shameful that a president of a land-locked country is capable of ruling with so little pressure. To be fair, shame on the Zimbabweans for not being courageous enough to stand up to him, but their fear is understandable given his willingness to and track record of crushing opposition.

This excerpt from a brilliant letter by Lahai J Samboma to Robert Mugabe

I know, there is a lot of Western propaganda about about you. The white farmers did not produce food; they farmed the more lucrative tobacco crop, but your expropriation of their land – let’s face it, it’s their land – enabled the western media to say that it’s your policies that have ruined the agricultural economy. And it’s not going to stop. Remember that neighbouring South Africa has a similar history as yours. You have to fail, as a reminder to Mbeki and his successors of the fate that awaits them should they decide to follow your (bad) example. Robbie, listen to me, pack up your bags now and go!

~ by mieliepap on 28 May, 2007.

2 Responses to “Mugabe must go”

  1. Amen!

  2. Dankie Boer, watch this space, ek is nog nie uitgewoed oor die mannewales van Mugabe nie.

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